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Holy moly radio: USS and Julian Rybarski review

USS and Julian Rybarski review

Julian Rybarski – Jolly Good

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Julian Rybarski is a man for whom the beautiful texture of electric guitars and elegant pop songs are the only way of keeping pop music moving forward. 

Is there any wonder that the guitar continues to be the preferred instrument in pop and rock music, second only to the computer? Much like a computer, or a DAW controller, the guitar is tremendously versatile, capable of taking the reins of a song as a lead instrument or acting as a budget orchestra. 

Surprisingly though, most people who play the guitar seem to display some sort of weapon. Most prioritize flashy playing or swing it around like a crazed Viking might work an axe. Only a few musicians recognize the guitar’s power to create subtle beauty that envelops a song. 

Such an artist is German songwriter Julian Rybarski. For him, the guitar is a product of The Jazz Age, as interesting for the opportunities that it offers in terms of playing, as for the textures that it hides for all except the truly gifted ones. Jolly Good is an old-fashioned pop song, big on hooks, and pulling hard on the heartstrings. At the core of it, there’s Julian Rybarski’s guitar playing. 

USS – Follow (Trans Lunar Ejector Maneuver)

Genre: Alternative Rock

USS try to craft a pop tune as heavy as a military naval ship with the single Follow. 

Music fans tend to be purists. When they begin making music this shows. In their attempt to stay as close as possible to their roots, they forget to ask themselves basic questions. What’s a song supposed to do? Why are some songs better than others? When should you be stubborn, and when should you learn to compromise?

This is why most bands started out as goth-rock groups meant to sound like Christian Death, and end as reggae acts. This is why your heavy metal singer of today is your balladeer of tomorrow. There’s a lot of material one can use. Knowing how not to use certain elements ends up making all the difference. 

Pop-rock band USS sounds like a group that has been studying the radio, and who have used the radio dial liberally. The vocal flow on the verse of their single Follow mimics the current pop trends, but the chorus is a pure alternative-rock drop. It’s a commercial effort, but one that uses alternative music elements to give it an edge. 

Julian Rybarski - Jolly Good


USS - Follow




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