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Hillside view: Vases and Horse Bitch review

Vases and Horse Bitch review

Horse Bitch – A Song about Severus Snape

Genre: Emo, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Mom Jeans, Modern Baseball, Car seat Headrest, Pinegrove, The Mountain Goats, The Moldy Peaches

Yeah, The Sex Pistols could play. Most of them, at least. Still, they didn’t make much of a fuss about it. And, so, the myth about non-musicians making records grew. Folks like Frank Zappa felt that it was an abomination. Most people possessing ears, however, responded to the undeniable excitement of the original punk bands. 

Some of that has been lost with all the flavours of guitar music that are spoiling us rotten. Worst of all, people once again believe that displaying your abilities and credentials as a serious artist ought to be treated as a virtue. 

Horse Bitch’s A Song about Severus Snape is as silly as it sounds. At times it resembles a recording of toddlers punishing their babysitter. And, it’s charming, especially the whining. Punk-rock was built on whining and we hope Horse Bitch can help that trend return. 

Vases – Champagne Lust

Genre: Post-Punk, Shoegaze, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Surf Curse, The Strokes, Palma Violets

Every place has got its Springsteen. Every era has got its Springsteen. Only that these Bosses might not be singing about houses on the hill, the desperate factory workers, or riding through New Jersey in a new Cadillac. 

Those are visions that belong to a simpler time. The world is changing, becoming more complex, more confusing. And, working-men’s love songs need to reflect this. There’s less romance that writers are able to extract. Still, they must do their best. 

Vases might just be an indie-rock Springsteen of a crowded urban centre on Champagne Lust. Romance and broken hearts exist here too. And, Vases knows that big hooks and choruses are needed to properly reflect their drama. But, there won’t be any lonely houses on the hill this time. 

Horse Bitch - A Song about Severus Sn


Vases - Champagne Lust




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