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Popaholics: Vincent & the Noise and Sexy Pigeon reviewed

Vincent and the Noise and Sexy Pigeon reviewed

Sexy Pigeon – Hold My Hand, Sunshine

Is it any wonder that since the beginning of the 1950s, folks, kids especially, would be willing to part with most of their disposable cash in order to buy records? Frankly, beyond things strictly forbidden by laws or social norms throughout most of the world, there’s nothing quite as hypnotic, alluring, and exhilarating as a good pop record. 

Now, of course, since this business model has been made readily available for many decades, it has meant that entrepreneurs, barons of the music industry, have continuously searched for ways to produce these kinds of records faster and cheaper in a bid to make more money. 

True pop euphoria can’t really be programmed, though. But, it can be cleverly orchestrated, as is the case with Hold My Hand, Sunshine, a modern piece of DYI summery-pop. It’s a very well-blended mix that picks up inspiration from pop, exotic dance music, as well as Hippo Campus, the group’s biggest influence. 

With records like these going on to praise summer and all that it has to offer, it is no wonder that millions of kids across the world would dream and long for it. This is a mighty nice tune to soundtrack those dreams.

Vincent & the Noise – Dance Under Pressure!

Rock music’s easy to make and understand. It usually has a chorus, a bridge, and some verses. You need words that deal with topics that you feel are important or for which a potential audience might show appreciation. A hook could help. If you feel stuck on learning these rules, almost any Elton John album will serve as songwriting 101.

Now, the trouble is that while learning a few chords and putting them together for a song is not necessarily as difficult as studying rocket science, it takes a certain amount of flair to do it right. It’s that special ear, that eye for detail. It’s said that madmen, true dreamers, and geniuses possess it, and they both rejoice about having it and suffer under its weight. 

Vincent & the Noise’s Dance Under Pressure! would be a far-less interesting tune in the hands of most other bands, especially ones led by a teenage singer, as is this one. However, the effortless funk of the verse, the Rufus Wainwright pretension of the chorus, and the heartbreaking lyrics go to show that this is no ordinary group of musicians. Here’s a dance-rock single filled with textures, colours, and some undeniable hooks. 

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