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Imaginary worlds: Vinnythabone x Nanoverse and Dadanaut reviewed by Alt77

Vinnythabone x Nanoverse and Dadanaut reviewed by Alt77

Dadanaut – Zeitknistern

Genre: Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock

The thing about Krautrock is that it was not only very good when the name first began being used by snarky British critics. It’s also vital to consider that history looks at the genre of rose-tinted glasses when it comes to the musicians’ abilities and the technological capabilities on which they depended. 

Yes, sure, the German groups were among the first to use electronic elements in their music in a central role. Prior to that, those were merely an auxiliary to songs that had guitars and vocals as their focal point. 

Many of the best Krautrock bands were not incredibly proficient, made music by seemingly creating instruments out of everyday objects, and had no qualms about or desires to apologize. I love those records. 

To me, that is what Dadanaut’s Zeitknistern sounds like. Yes, you may wish to apply the label of prog to it. But, do so only if you must. Unlike the majority of modern prog-rock groups, this band’s music sounds like a semi-spontaneous effort where lo-fi and high-brow elements meet each other.

Here’s the official Dadanaut website.

Vinnythabone x Nanoverse – Devil’s Night

Genre: New wave, Synthwave, Gothic / Dark Wave

Cult classics are the best kind of classics. That is because, chiefly, their popularity actually reflects the people’s desire to experience the book, album, or movie years after it was originally pushed by a company towards the focal point of the public’s attention. 

The Crow is one such cult classic. Made on an average-sized budget, and affected by the tragic death of Brandon Lee, the actor playing the titular character, fascination with the movie has never died down. Similarly, the soundtrack, a collection of shoegaze and grunge neo-noir, that included groups like Stone Temple Pilots, The Cure, and Jesus and Mary Chain, has managed to stand on its own two feet as a strong representation of rock music in the early 1990s. 

One of the greatest things about cult classics is the fandom they inspire and the contribution that these fans bring to the universe. Vinnythabone x Nanoverse’s Devil’s Night stretches the outer limits of this cosmos, retelling the story and enriching The Crow. The modern production dominates proceedings, but it is one carefully calculated to match the dark, foreboding atmosphere of the film it is soundtracking. Similarly, the vocals are a strong reinterpretation of the kind of heartfelt, distraught singing style so popular during the 1990s. The Crow lives and remains a modern concern because of fans like Vinnythabone and Nanoverse who are enriching its world. 

Find Vinnythabone on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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