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Evil ones to blame: Wake Up Paradise and Santamuerte review

Wake Up Paradise and Santamuerte review

Santamuerte – The Devil Stole My Heart

Genre: Funk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Black Keys, Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age

Berlin may be dirty and at times unsafe, but it is hardly ever boring. For now. Blame it on the people that got in early. They’re the ones that didn’t mind a few broken bottles on the pavement as long as they could get the artist studios dirt cheap. Who knows how long it’s going to last But, for now, markdown Berlin as one of the places in which art, generally strange art, is made everywhere by everyone. 

This makes the music scene in Berlin hard to define. Sure, there’s the techno music. That acts as the city’s proof of original thought. But, grimey, dirty, dangerous-sounding rock n’ roll can be heard from rehearsal rooms and small beer pubs everywhere. 

Santamuerte channel Berlin’s love affair with lost souls on their way to perdition on the single The Devil Stole My Heart. This is blues-rock made for people that still believe in the legends of Robert Johnson. There’s a hint of boogie to what Santamuerte produce, but you’ll be hard-pressed to see them smile during the daytime. 

Wake Up Paradise – Satellites

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Incubus, Don Broco, Closure in Moscow, Dance Gavin Dance

The great news about starting a rock band is that, unlike what you may believe, nobody is really expecting you to be any good. Hell, being able to play live, make records, or even sell merch doesn’t require a great level of proficiency. It only requires commitment and for the musical ideas to be interesting. 

This should be encouraging news for anyone looking to pick a guitar and get their mates to learn the notes on a bass guitar. But, let’s face it, getting on the radio, touring the nation, or having a long-lasting career will require you to acquire those skills. The 2000s alt-metal bands that are still around, for example, aren’t here because of nostalgia alone. Their singers can sing, their guitar players can play, and their songs can be mixed in with whatever is being played on the radio. 

Wake Up Paradise are taking the good example set by their alt-metal predecessors with their single Satellites. This isn’t just a rock tune with a pleasing pop hook. It’s a promise of technical proficiency hidden from anyone that cares to take a closer look. Wake Up Paradise give the immediate impression that they are willing to put in the work if it means having a long-lasting career in music. They’re looking for an edge, and seem to have the energy to acquire it soon enough. 

Santamuerte - The Devil Stole My Heart


Wake Up Paradise - Satellites




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