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The Pop Life: WALLA and Kaitlyn Shuko’s singles reviewed

WALLA and Kaitlyn Shuko’s singles reviewed

Kaitlyn Shuko – Name On It

Great wide-eyed music is the greatest of finds. From the Ramones to the Talking Heads, to Kurt Vile music that sounds made like nobody’s yet listening and like everyone should eventually hear it, is something special. Not all these artists produce this kind of work effortlessly. For some, it’s a well mapped out plan. This seems to be the case with Kaitlyn Shuko’s Name On It which makes the process of hearing it all the more interesting. 

A chillwave tune with shiny pop hooks, Kaitlyn Shuko, is a pop princess that seems to have stepped out of a manga cartoon. And, just like that style of art, Name On It is both commercial and refreshingly above-board in its artifice. 

If enjoyed alongside the video, it’s clear that Ms Shuko is looking to get noticed, but she seems amazingly frank and confident about the fact. The video’s ingenue image and the babyish vocal hooks are undeniable and warm. They sound like they came from a real person, wanting to receive fame and fortune while they can enjoy it and not something that an AI or army of producers could have thrown together. It’s sleazy, pop music from the dorms of the truly fancy universities. 

WALLA – The Draw

By the time the original CBGB bands were done complaining about Blondie having sold their soul to the corporate machine, it was already too late. The Debbie Harry fronted guitar-pop group were international stars with numerous songs playing on the radio. The punk bands may have had better artistic credentials. But, as time wore on most of those titles were given to Blondie as well, a group that knew how to write a pop-rock tune around the current trends. 

Similarly, groups slaving away on their guitars and computers on complex rock opera’s may feel upset about bands that can raise a festival audience with their warm indie-pop. However, in most cases, it certainly takes a number of real abilities and a clear vision, to get those crowds to rise to their feet and dance around the festival stages. 

WALLA sounds like that kind of group. Yep, they are one of the lighter kinds of music to be featured on Alt77. However, we cannot help but admire bands that have a sense of purpose. And, unlike our punk predecessors, we see nothing wrong in ambition. 

The draw is a big, expansive pop tune, making full use of the endless potential of guitar, anthemic vocals, and a production that equally channels 70s disco and modern psychedelic-rock. 

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