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Tears in garden of pop delights: Warbly Jets and Pageant Girl review

Warbly Jets and Pageant Girl review

Pageant Girl – First Runner Up

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic / Dark Wave, Alternative Rock

Pageant Girl’s First Runner Up sounds like the work of a band that has carefully looked to distil the coolness of 80s post-punk and new-wave. 

We are tremendously spoiled for choices these days when it comes to music consumption. So much so, in fact, that often we forget to choose, and let those trying to sell us the entertainment make up our minds for us. There is always so much music, and information to get on an artist or band at any single time. 

This isn’t what I’m told things used to be like. Imagine a moment when the only way to connect with your favourite band was by buying their record, or waiting months, or years to see them live. Consider how the only time that your eyes could glance upon their glamour was when a television station would play their video. 

Pageant Girl aims to replicate the excitement of seeing and hearing such a band on their single First Runner Up. Looking and sounding like a cross between The Cult and Transvision Vamp, Pageant Girl is looking to create the kind of post-punk single that no type of audience could go ahead and ignore. 

WARBLY JETS – Let Go: Be Free

Genre: Synthpop, Pop Rock, Indie Rock

Warbly Jets showcase their restless, ruthless nature as pop jackals on their single Let Go: Be Free

Do nice guys finish last? And, if that’s true, should you avoid nice, polite people out of fear that they will end up infecting your own plans for success. After all, failure is as contagious as hysteria on a ship that’s preparing to go down. 

No, a nice society is built on nice, educated, well-meaning individuals. It’s true, however, that these people have a tendency not to create clear plans and pathways for themselves out of fear of encroaching on the territory of their peers. From John Lennon to Matthew Healy, the real pop success stories are the ones ready to pickpocket a beggar for a hit. 

Warbly Jets are cut from that cloth. Their single, Let Go: Be Free resembles a lot of things. It’s a product of its time, a song that should fit snugly onto many modern indie-pop playlists. It is, however, delivered with the confidence of people that know that they can depend on their charisma and wits to get them out of any situation. Might not make them a lot of friends, but it could help make them famous. 

Pageant Girl - First Runner Up


WARBLY JETS - Let Go: Be Free




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