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WATERBODY and Red Scarves Reviewed

WATERBODY and Red Scarves Reviewed

WATERBODY – Sinking Road

Similar artists: Wye Oak, The Cure, Blonde Redhead

Genre: Post-Rock

Words do often get in the way, as the great poet Richard Ashcroft of The Verve, so poignantly claimed. In few places, is that clearer than in politics and in rock n’ roll. Both get by on a good dose of populism, and both involve huge rewards for the winners of these sports. There’s every incentive to lie, but few have the right words that can help them even in this regard. 

WATERBODY have a way of dealing with those expectations. It involves barring the words from the rock music altogether. And it’s only right that they’d do so. It’s no coincidence that so many rock fans fall in love with music sung in a different language than their maiden tongue. Tunes about motorcycles and drinking just sound less embarrassing when sung using words you don’t fully understand. 

WATERBODY’s “Sinking Road” is an action movie made with guitars and drums, a performance in the Theatre of the Mind, and a quickly moving target. The highly-charged, continuously rising guitar lines suggest whatever your mind is most inclined to want to believe. It can soundtrack a nature documentary or your dreams equally well. And, when you can do that, why bother with words? They just get in the way. 

Red Scarves – Runner

Similar artists: The Hecks, Deeper, The B-52’s

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Everyone is concerned with being successful. You can hear it in their voices, you can see it in the way that they dress, and if they’re a musician, you can certainly tell by the way that they write and play music. Everyone’s dreaming of a big score, and their stress is our stress. Red Scarves don’t sound like they have such issues or like they’re very interested in impressing. 

The death of Shane MacGowan has been accompanied by worldwide grief. All obituaries not only praised his enormous songwriting gift. But none of them could help but declare that it’s sad how we’re unlikely to ever have a pop star who cared so little about stardom, about himself and about how he was perceived by others. 

Red Scarves’ “Runner” sounds like the music of people who’ve known each other for a long time and who are now in on a joke that the audience must never be made aware of. It’s not written to impress, and the fact that it’s trying too little makes this charming. Red Scarves are the equivalent of someone’s life being filmed on CCTV. Nobody can pretend for so long, right? And if they’re playing the long game, then this is quite something!

WATERBODY - Sinking Road


Red Scarves - Runner




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