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Solely their own thing: Wired Ways and B. Hamilton reviewed

Wired Ways and B. Hamilton reviewed

B. Hamilton – Good Foot

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Garage Rock

Similar artists: Once and Future Band

Stats claim that public speaking is one of the greatest fears that regular people seem to have. It’s right up there with the kinds of things that could cause serious bodily harm to someone or dreadfully and irrevocably affect one’s life forever. There are people that wake up in a cold sweat dreaming about speaking in front of an audience and, presumably, making fools of themselves. 

Rock musicians look to put themselves in this very situation. Their mission is to get the ears and the eyes of the public firmly fixed on them. Naturally, they also know the potential for embarrassment. And while many of them fear this terribly, the importance of telling their stories dramatically outweighs the risk. 

B. Hamilton’s Good Foot is the kind of ghost-story rock tune that plays with dynamics expertly in a bid to keep an audience’s attention firmly fixed on the group. While this may be a rock tune complete with the classic verse-chorus-verse, it is not one that is meant to be played in the background. No, this is music designed to be received and given your full attention. And, if you heed the call of B. Hamilton, they’re ready to reward you with large, singalong blues-rock hooks. 

Wired Ways – Planet 9

Genre: Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock

Similar artists: The Beatles, The Zombies, The Doors, Genesis

The truth is that artists don’t really need to convince the entire world of their greatness. Honestly, if they manage to do that, they are probably better at swindling people than entertaining or inspiring them. No, artists just need to find a few generous souls to love them. And, the more intense this love happens to be, the higher likelihood it has of transferring to others. 

What’s in the charts these days? What’s the biggest blockbuster going to be this year? Most people older than 13 years old have no idea. Why should they? The places where they receive their art and entertainment exist regardless of whether what they like has a lot of other fans or not. It didn’t use to be this way. An album that didn’t sell wouldn’t show up in stores, and movies that weren’t lucky to sell tickets didn’t get made. 

Wired Ways’ beautifully-trippy Planet 9 celebrates two great things, loved by only a few people, 60s psychedelic pop and cheesy Sci-Fi movies. The great vocal melodies, the tender keyboard sound, and the futuristically-themed lyrics are bound to get you dreaming. Will anyone else be dreaming along with you? It hardly matters, does it?

B. Hamilton - Good Foot


Wired Ways - Planet 9




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