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Melody factories: With a Fox and Smige reviewed

Melody factories: With a Fox and Smige reviewed

With A Fox – Kings of Palisades

I was watching this silly Will Ferrell movie earlier and feeling rather embarrassed with myself for having chosen to view it. While the plot is not very important for us here, the flick featured a few crass characterizations of people who enjoy watching car racing, drinking beer, and listening to rock. They were portrayed as knuckleheads. 

And, while that may be true in some fashion, it sure sounds more exciting than knitting quilts and reading the great works of French existentialism. With A Fox sounds like the kind of band that deserves its turn on the jukebox on a Friday night in a poorly-lit bar. 

Kings of Palisades is a heart on its sleeve slice of American rock n’ roll made out in Canada. Hey, Thin Lizzy was, maybe the most American sounding band there was, and they were from Ireland.

It sounds like the kind of tune that Dave Grohl might cover on a supergroup project. It’s earnest, feisty, and very easy on the ears. If I owned a car, I’d listen to this while riding down the highway. 

Smige – When the Wall Falls Down

I don’t personally agree with that age-old saying that political mismanagement, at least, brings about some interesting protest music. Well, for one thing, I am cynical about the fact that mainstream political organizations are ever out to help the common man. Secondly, a lot of the protest music that’s come out during the last four years has been atrocious. 

Thankfully, When the wall falls down is good. Not the title. No, the engines of imagination weren’t quite revved up on that one. But, the tune itself is quirky, charming and sets itself apart from most of the music you may have heard on the subject. 

Smidge does have an ace up his sleeve. He is British. This means that, like Ray Davies on Dead End Street, he can write in a funny, witty way about despair, from the perspective of someone who sounds like he knows what he’s well informed. 

Musically this is a folk can-can musical about pissing on the graves of those that would separate children from their families. It really takes a Brit to be able to pass insults with class. 

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