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Breakfast of champions: Wolftananzug and Walking Dolls reviewed

Wolftananzug and Walking Dolls reviewed

Walking Dolls – One More Kiss

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

At the end of the day, medals, charts, and awards should go to winners, sure. I am not the one to advocate consolation prizes, or even to suggest that those who do too well in certain competitions be handicapped so that their competitors can catch up. 

It’s just the way the world works. In the grand competition of chart success, rock has lost. Look upon the days when Tawny Kitaen could dance on the hood of a muscle in a Whitesnake video as a relic of a distant, exotic past. 

However, just perhaps, rock musicians should be thrown a bone once in a while. After all, they’ve written the majority of the world’s greatest pop songs. And, make no mistake about it, most of them were dreaming of the big house and the pool beside it while they did. 

Walking Dolls’ infectious blend of power-pop on their single One More Kiss shows just what we may end up missing. This is a group that doesn’t the strings of a guitar or utter a gentle melody if it’s not too potentially usurp pop radio’s ways. We wish them well and support the initiative to have the number one spot in the U.S. Billboard 100 reserved for a rock band on a bi-monthly basis. 

Wolftananzug – Flying Man

Genre: Post-Punk, Grunge, Gothic / Dark Wave

The human voice is a funny little tool. A few frequencies over or under and the singer has missed the note and went on to annoy everyone listening. Delivered on key and with gusto, people flock to the person using their voice like a would-be prophet. 

We’re trained to hear voices in a certain way. It’s no surprise that people change the sound of the voice based on the company around them, or on what they hope to achieve. Elizabeth Anne Holmes, for example, famously dropped her voice to give her claims gravitas. 

Singers can do the same thing almost as a way to drape their voice in the right costume for the play that they are trying to stage. Wolftananzug singer’s Nick Cave-like moan lends itself well to the poetic, modern gothic-art-rock of the songwriting. It’s music meant to call upon desciples drawn from lonely coffeehouses where serious poetry is read. It’s the best way to have them heed the call. 

Walking Dolls - One More Kiss


Wolftananzug - Flying Man




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