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Heartland: Women Of The Night and K. Walsh reviewed by Alt77

Women Of The Night and K. Walsh reviewed by Alt77

K. Walsh – Party Of One

Genre: Americana, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Daniel Romano, The Modern Lovers & Oasis 

Like Rob, the main character in Nick Hornby’s epochal High Fidelity, you too dear reader will one day have to answer to your decision to entrust a large chunk of your existence on this planet to rock music. 

Fortunately, unlike gaming platforms that track numbers spent inside of a game, there’s no easy to count just how much time was spent on listening to records. If you’re like me, you would need to count almost every single day since your day as a child and multiply that by a very large number before you realize the gravity of your actions. 

Still, there are worse things you could have been doing. And, the same can be said about K. Walsh who laments on Party Of One about losing touch, jumping the shark, coming up short. Well, K., if your days were spent with the kind of passionate, classic rockin’ times that you deliver on this single, you need not worry. Time well spent for you and for ourselves, your listeners!

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Women Of The Night – The Blackened Hearts Of Desire

Genre: Americana

Not sure if running away with the circus, or heading out to see are still seen as viable career choices. Hell, I would’ve ventured to try my luck over there are few times over the years. Where do those that can’t really fit anywhere else go? 

One of the answers, provided you have the brains and the liver for it, is somewhere in rock n’ roll, writing songs about what some people are inclined to do at night while most of their neighbours are busy resting. The world needs poetry, and love songs and the straight-laced people that fly straight aren’t usually the ones to provide them. 

We need midnight explorers in rock music. Brooklyn’s Women Of The Night are the brave souls venturing into the underworld and bringing back with them nuggets of poetic truth. The Blackened Hearts Of Desire is a strong mixture of coffee house poetry, romance, adventure, and a strong right-hand folksy guitar strum. 

Find Women Of The Night on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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