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Xposure Music: Your BFF in the Music Industry?

Xposure Music

How many friends do your favourite rock stars have? Plenty, judging by their official biographies. And according to the same sources, many of their best pals are music executives capable of making decisions that will safeguard the rockstar status of their friend. 

Yes, connections and expert feedback are important in any field and in no other more so than in the music business. The myth about reclusive artists avoiding contact and locking themselves up in a gilded palace is simply that – a myth. 

Xposure Music is a company that prides itself on understanding how the music industry works. Its aim is to give up-and-coming artists the tools to develop their own understanding and, thus, to take the necessary steps that propel their careers upward. 

How does Xposure Music aim to do this? Much like Andy Warhol’s mentorship pushed boundaries and redefined the art scene, the company believes that expert advice is the first step toward acquiring greatness. 

Xposure Music’s services help pair up artists with industry professionals facilitating communication between the two. The latter set up their prices for a variety of services. Meanwhile, the artists determine which of these best suits them and can get in touch for feedback on various matters related to the music industry.   

The music world includes a complex web of genres and styles. Can this service help out all types of artists? That’s what Xposure Music promises. Artists and industry professionals can filter out results based on genre, type of song, number of streams, engagement etc. 

But artists that have tried navigating the murky waters of the music world know that similar services exist. How is Xposure Music any different?  

The company says that it’s designed its services with big-league execs and expert advice in mind. According to company reps, Xposure Music offers tailored advice from the industry’s biggest names, whereas similar services can rarely provide similar traction and support of the same quality. 

The names currently associated with the project certainly help add some weight to the claims. Some of those involved include Nick Jarjour, global head of song management at Hipgnosis, Royce Monroe, the General Manager of the Generation Now Imprint of Atlantic Records, and Polo Molina, manager for Black Eyed Peas.  

The service guarantees that, at the very least, the process of hounding a famous music manager or A&R rep in order to slip them a demo becomes obsolete. Artists can get an experienced ear to pay attention to their music and provide feedback. Xposure Music is hopeful this will be enough to produce future pop stars. 

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Eduard Banulescu is a writer, blogger, and musician. As a content writer, Eduard has contributed to numerous websites and publications, including FootballCoin, Play2Earn, BeIN Crypto, Business2Community, NapoliSerieA, Extra Time Talk, Nitrogen Sports, Bavarian FootballWorks, etc. He has written a book about Nirvana, hosts a music podcasts, and writes weekly content about some of the best, new and old, alternative musicians. Eduard also runs and acts as editor-in-chief of the alternative rock music website Mr. Banulescu is also a musician, having played and recorded in various bands and as a solo artist.
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