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Songs of experience: Yilgoren Music and SickRichard review

Yilgoren Music and SickRichard review

SickRichard – Who Do You Work For

Genre: Post-Punk, Alternative Rock

Music isn’t as trippy as it used to be. Damn right, and about time! Each generation is supped to have its own narcotical escapes. And, it’s supposed to have its own sounds accompanying those experiences. 

If that sounds harsh, it’s because it’s real. People didn’t use to listen to Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page play half-hour guitar solos because they were walking a road of straight and narrow. 

If they weren’t high, they depended on music to make them feel like they were. This is usually a more satisfying experience, as it turns out. 

The fact is that modern music doesn’t turn on old fans the way they are used to because there are different strategies for getting fans off. There are new visuals, new stories, and even new sounds available for us. 

SickRichard’s Who Do You Work For is psychedelically powered alt-rock for a generation raised on video games and violent imagery on the evening news. It’s music that is mysterious and engulfing. It’s music designed for virtual reality. Older tunes used to do the same. SickRichard, however, utilizes the kind of modern tricks that contemporaries such as Muse tend to employ. 

Yilgoren Music – Back To Grey

Genre: Pop Rock, Garage Rock, Alt Pop

Modern pop music is missing the innocence of old. Of course, it did. You hold on to anything for over seventy years, and you are bound to replace it with experience!

There have always been songwriters looking to come up with hits. There have always been musicians trying to capture the trends. But, never have they had as much data with which to work. 

Few of us can write a pop hit, but most of us can identify one. We’ve heard enough of them. We’ve all become our own personal A&R men in charge of our musical collection. 

Yilgoren Music’s Back To Grey does a great job of distilling all of the available information about what constitutes a pleasing, ear-catching tune. This is a single designed to get an audience to react immediately. It’s tailored towards certain emotions. It’s not naive but rather a reflection of pop-rock’s slow evolution. 

SickRichard - Who Do You Work For


Yilgoren Music - Back To Grey




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