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Wreckless times: Your Downstairs Neighbors and Justin Shapiro

Your Downstairs Neighbors and Justin Shapiro

Justin Shapiro – Giant, The King

Similar artists: Pearl Jam, O.A.R., Dispatch, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper

Genre: Folk rock, Alternative Rock

Most of the world is a dangerous, violent place. This is certainly true of countries affected by colonialism or by decades of in-fighting. It’s sad to say that those folk barely stand a chance. And we barely stand any chance of hearing their stories on the late-night news. 

Still, some of the most heavily armed countries in the world are Western, developed, well-to-do nations. And things aren’t bound to get better any time soon if the military-industrial complex has anything to say about it. 

Sure, some of these nations were formed with guns well and truly providing the backing. Yes, their status is part of the fabric of nations and part of their laws. This, however, is little consolation to the fact that in the U.S.A. alone, hundreds of people are shot and killed every day. 

An artist can only try and communicate about the issues that affect them the most. Justin Shapiro’s mournful Giant, The King is a folk-rock number that describes the sense of powerlessness at having a friend suffer the ultimate price because of gun violence. It’s sad and sobering to hear such words, but someone has to say them. 

Your Downstairs Neighbors – Missing Signs

Similar artists: The Devil Makes Three, Pearl Jam, Nathaniel Rateliffe & The Night Sweats

Genre: Alternative Rock

Tom Petty used to say that having a bad relationship with one of your parents could be the impetus to do greater things later in life. Petty added that has strained relations with both parents might lead to who knows what kinds of glory. 

Most people who went to difficult moments during their childhood made a promise that they’d one day do something about it. At the very least, they told themselves that they’d find a way to tell their story. 

Sadly, most of them become great at burying these kinds of experiences. It’s simply a survival mechanism. But who’s left to tell those stories, then? Who’s left around to keep those promises?

Your Downstairs NeighborsMissing Signs write in dramatic, feverishly about terrible youth experiences that end up shaping lives. Still, they’re not bitter as they open the door back into their past. What they create instead is a kind of alt-rock group therapy session.

Justin Shapiro - Giant, The King


Your Downstairs Neighbors - Missing Signs




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