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YRSA – Yrsa & Strings

YRSA - Yrsa & Strings

People are listening to music just as much as they’ve had for the last hundred years, if not more, given how much of it is readily available. But how much of a workout are their ears getting out of it? 

Yes, we tend to think of those who launch these criticisms of modern pop music as nostalgia-obsessed boomers, but they might just have a point. With so many other things to stimulate our senses and so little musical complexity involved in the pop charts, we’re at risk of forgetting to appreciate music for what it really is. 

On the four-song EP, “YRSA & Strings,” look to please and challenge audiences. There is never a single moment in this brief collection where the music fails to be soothing. Still, the trio never looks down on listeners and assumes that they must be spoon-fed musical information. Now, that’s respect!

YRSA - Yrsa & Strings

The EP’s opener, “On My Way,” looks to dazzle with soulful space-pop that recalls the adventurousness of 1960s groups. On paper, little of this makes sense in a strictly commercial sense. The cello adds to the ambiance, the fingerpicked guitars provide the groove, and the Yrsa scats over the song’s hook. But if the original pop groups, like The Beatles, taught us anything, it is that audiences are accepting of novelty as long as the music is good. 

Se vad som kan hända (eng: See What Can Happen) relies on fancy acoustic guitar playing and gentle Cello leads. The Swedish-sung track deals with the challenges of love, and the emotion is crystal clear that it shouldn’t require any translation. 

Once again, “Shortcut” requires the listeners to be deeply focused but rewards those who are willing to put in that effort. Cascading piano arpeggios lead into a soulful ballad complete with gentle backing vocals. The song, like the others in this collection, weaves its spell. But it’s not something those looking for a hooky TikTok soundtrack may easily experience. 

Where does this all leave us? The EP’s closer cover track, “Be My Own Boyfriend,” may be the best indicator of where the musicians’ priorities lie. This is gentle, bewitching music. It’s got a pleasant mood that you can sink into. However, it’s made by people with a good understanding of craftsmanship. Giving them the respect they deserve and listening to it carefully will get you to know their story. 

There’s still pop music being made that is not instantly disposable. It just requires focus and care from both the artists and their audiences. 

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