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New magic: Zack Keim and Ayden Flanigan

Zack Keim and Ayden Flanigan

Ayden Flanigan – Wa-Wa-Wawa-Wa!

Similar artists: The Beatles, Pavement, Guided By Voices

Most people don’t think of the lyrics to pop songs in the same way that they think of poetry. But, then again, most people won’t be able to quote the words to many of their favourite songs. They’ll be able to hum it to you, however. 

In the dispute of words or lyrics, pop music has certainly picked its winner. It’s the melodies every day of the week. Those are the ones selling 99% of records, the ones getting tunes on the radio, and the ones toddlers will first learn as they begin to appreciate pop music. 

Ayden Flanigan is well aware of the power of a good singalong.  Wa-Wa-Wawa-Wa! Largely non-sensical, beautiful fun. It sounds like a drunken jam between The Beatles’ Ringo Starr and George Harrison. The words may feel like placeholders, but they tell the whole story without needing to say anything. Pop music has always sold feelings. Those are the hardest to manufacture. Ayden Flanigan has packaged a sentiment beautifully here. 

Zack Keim – Better Days

Similar artists: Jake Bugg, Vampire Weekend, The Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, Kate Bollinger, The Walkmen

Genre: Indie Rock

The fact is that the music that tends to be successful is the one that you’ve heard before, your mother, and your grandmother as well. The songs that get played on the radio, or the ones that end up at the Eurovision, are so lacking in any kinds of surprises that it’s surprising any bothers coming up with new ones. 

This all means that originality is not only rare, but easy to spot as well. It’s not to say that the artists drawn to creating something unique have it easy. Most of the time, audiences haven’t been educated to appreciate their charm. Eccentricity is an acquired taste. 

Zack Keim’s “Better Days” is an innocent-sounding indie-rock tune that sounds like someone rejoicing at the prospect of doing things wrong on purpose. It’s music that feels written and recorded on the fly. And because of this, it sounds like a real story. Might not get on Eurovision, but you can bet Zack Keim isn’t lying to you. 

Ayden Flanigan - Wa-Wa-Wawa-Wa!


Zack Keim - Better Days




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