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Punk rock town crier: ZoZo Ginsburg and Tarul reviewed by Alt77

ZoZo Ginsburg and Tarul reviewed b Alt77

Tarul – Ravi ain’t worth

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Unless there’s something really bugging you, there’s no real reason to go into writing pop songs. At the heart of it, pop tunes are either written about unattainable fantasies or about the small things that make life complicated. 

Some of the songs that tend to enjoy the longest life span are ones about being mistreated because of unfair financial standards. These are stories as old as time. It’s only that, unlike the fairytales, the pauper doesn’t graduate to the status of prince all of a sudden. It makes for great drama and because of that for potentially great songs. 

Tarul’s Ravi ain’t worth is that kind of song written from a unique perspective. Over an arrangement reminiscent of Steely Dan, the singer recalls his community’s obsession with status and material wealth. It may sound like an innocent indie-pop tune, but it’s one that raises some interesting questions about family, and the issue of belonging. If something ain’t really bugging you, it’s best to stay away from writing pop tunes. 

ZoZo Ginsburg – Boots

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Noise Rock,

Similar artists: PJ Harvey, New York Dolls, Jimi Hendrix

If, as a musician, you hope to be followed by a host of disciples it’s best not to be too technically proficient. Sure, there will be some that will invest thousands of hours trying to break down and reassemble your sound. However, by the time that they end their painstaking work, there won’t be any place left to go. 

No, ideally you want to be like the New York Dolls, one of the most inspired and influential groups of all time. And, as even the future members of the Ramones would attest, a group that couldn’t play their way out of a paper bag. Great! These are the kind of influences with which future generations can work. 

ZoZo Ginsburg takes the energy and excitement that the Dolls could conjure up through their live shows and channels them on the single Boots, a torrid, combative punk tune that feels written after carefully consulting the manual drawn out by the likes of Johnny Thunder. Three chords, a strong look, and plenty of attitude all help make for a recipe that still can’t be ignored. 

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