Kim Jong-Un’s favorite songs

Kim Jong-Un, music fan

Supreme North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is a man determined to prove himself not only as worthy a successor to his father, Kim Jong-il, in ruling the country, but also as connoisseur of good music. The supreme leader studied in Switzerland and absorbed western culture like a sponge. It’s his former colleagues that remember his favorite song. It was Brother Louie by electro-pop stars Modern Talking. Nice try. But Alt77 dug deeper into the musical tastes of Un. Those included a wide array of alternative and art-rock records among other things. Europop? Creating North-Korean girl bands? All a front to confuse N. Korea’s enemies of the true eclectic interests of their supreme ruler.

Besides Brother Louie, Jim Jong-Un’s friends remember his love (bordering on psychotic obsession) with another party anthem. This time it was the work of an American artist, namely Andrew WK. Because of the artist nationality, his friends believes that it was harder for Un to public ally endorse Andrew WK. But after Dennis Rodman’s legendary visit, anything seems possible.
Friends still remember Un watching nightlight videos of the WNBA (Un is a great fan of basketball) mixed with this song. It was a time of wild exploration for former party animal, current supreme leader.

Never one to neglect political rhetoric, Kim Jong-Un would insist that his basketball teammates listen to this song after games as a method to build morale.


It wasn’t all roses and escorted car rides to the ice cream parlor. The time in Switzerland was also an opportunity to reflect. Reflect on the role of the individual in society. How men and women could work together to reach their full potential. It is rumored that this one of the songs that Un uses for inspiration on a daily basis.


Life in the western world presented new opportunities and new culture. The young man developed an interest in modern art, reading, sports and as we know from one his teacher, S&M erotica. While in class one day, Un was caught reading. The over zealous teacher confiscated Un’s reading material, a pornographic magazine of the bondage variety. Un also discovered the Cramps and their potential as soundtrack to his extra-curricular reading. Quite the bibliophile.


According to news reports one of the objectives Kim Jong-Un has set for himself as supreme leader of North Korea is to specialize in developing the growth of mushrooms. reports that this was an official statement that was issued: “”Let us turn ours into a country of mushrooms by making mushroom cultivation scientific, intensive and industrialized!”.
Say no more. Using powers of foresight and anticipation we recommend this song, guaranteed to stimulate the best results in North Korea’s crops. Also, what goes good with mushrooms. That’s right. Elephants!


And of course Mordern Talking was only a step way in young Kim Jong-Un’s discovery of music. He first became obsessed with vinyl first pressings of Kraftwerk records. He wore a Die Toten Hosen t-shirt to school and because of them became sensible to the dangers of nuclear warfare (all too aware some might say). But his biggest love (apart from Modern Talking’s greatest hits) was Heino, the German Frank Sinatra perpetually wearing black shades and with music seemingly designed to be endorsed by the German navy.


Finally the first rock band to play in North Korea were in 2015, the industrial rock innovators Laibach. The band has worked with themes and imagery (ironically, one would hope) associated with oppressive political regimes. This was something North Korea could support.


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