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Wi-fi and lo-fi: Andrew JD and Saadin Dassum review

Andrew JD and Saadin Dassum review

Saadin Dassum – The Horror the Horror

Genre: New wave, 80s Rock, Indie Rock

Saadin Dassum sounds like Billy Joel writing Cure-inspired Halloween music for a 1980s Tim Burton movie. 

Every hero has to have an antagonist. Create the personality of one character that is beloved by thousands of people or more, and, I can guarantee you, that someone will work to build the opposite. 

It’s just like the comic book superheroes facing the villains. It’s like the clean-cut, but secretly Hamburg-hardened Beatles taking on The Rolling Stones. And, it’s just like Christmas-loving, dopamine addicts, preferring it to Halloween. 

Ecuadorian singer Saadin Dassum has picked sides. He’s a Team Halloween supporter all the way. But, this doesn’t stop the singer from lending his love of smooth 80s pop to the appalling tales set to music. The Horror the Horror is a campy, groovy tune to both lighten up, and darken your Fall. 

Andrew JD – Peaking

Genre: Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop, Acoustic, Indie Rock

Andrew JD makes rap-rock that takes advantage of quick, slick rhymes and clever samples.

Ever since the dawn of pop art, musicians understood that there was something to using technology to their advantage. Electronic elements, in particular, could create the sounds that they wouldn’t be able to play or provide the width and the scope that a handful of musicians could not. 

Naturally, the folks that grew up on electric guitar solos being the norm felt betrayed, forgetting that the electric current pulsating through the steel strings represented a technological breakthrough, to begin with. 

Andrew JD has unquestionably picked a side. The rapper is among those that think sampling and use of computers can enhance artistic communication. Peaking features clever, slinky rhymes by Andrew JD and samples that create a kind of grandiose, out-of-tune orchestra. It’s an upbeat tune too, an attempt at capturing a glorious moment before it slips away. 

Saadin Dassum - The Horror the Horror


Andrew JD - Peaking




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