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No shortage of darkness: Golem Dance Cult and EDGES review

Golem Dance Cult and EDGES review

EDGES – Rui-Katsu

Genre: Post-Punk, Synthwave, Gothic / Dark Wave

Similar artists: The Cure; ‘Til Tuesday; Clan of Xymox; New Order; Joy Division; The Mission (UK)

EDGES creates a gloomy, electro-goth sound that treads the line between mystery and honesty on the single Rui-Katsu. 

It’s the people that act nonchalantly who usually care the most. They also have the most to lose. Such people tend to make some of the most interesting art, but feel hurt and discomfort consistently while they create their work. 

The original goth-rock bands were often like this. These were artists looking to retreat from the world, but desperately wishing to communicate with it. Many of them were shy but wanted to be seen and heard by as many people that could get their ears and eyeballs on them. 

EDGES seems to be dealing with a similar paradox. Rui-Katsu is both an intimate, confessional song, as well as one that can fill a large room and get people to sway in unison. EDGES produces the kind of sound that in scope has a lot to do with the golden age of goth-rock. It’s an alternative to mainstream music, but also a song that is meant as a calling card to anyone that might want to listen. 

Golem Dance Cult – Nosferatu Waltz

Genre: Goth-rock, electronica

Golem Dance Cult embrace their nocturnal visions on Nosferatu Waltz.

For some people, watching their first vampire movie has the same effect that for others glancing at the love of their life for the first time, or hearing a guitar play an E chord does. It’s instant love! 

There’s certainly something engulfing, mysterious, seductive about the gloom of vampire movies and the music that seems to best accompany them. For many, it’s comforting. It allows them to take deep breaths. Helps them dress in black all year long. It keeps them wide awake when everyone else is sleeping. 

Golem Dance Cult make vampire music. Nosferatu Waltz is a song created to act as an alternative soundtrack to Werner Herzog’s version of the famous vampire story. 

It’s a graceful song, just like the figures of the creations presented in such movies. The violence is kept just under the surface. And, if you tend to believe the voice singing the lines, it might not even be a vision of evil as might be presented in certain corners. Golem Dance Cult make charming horror music. 

EDGES - Rui-Katsu


Golem Dance Cult - Nosferatu Waltz




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