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What every boy should know: Three Legged Dog and GRITS. reviewed

Three Legged Dog and GRITS. reviewed

GRITS. – I Won

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Charles Bradley, Yellow Days, Nico Yaryan

Do the great singers often sing to themselves in times of great emotional turmoil? Do the ones that don’t possess a great vocal instrument feel embarrassed to do the same? Maybe Frank Sinatra had to really force himself up to the microphone to bring out the sound of the wee small hours.

It is only natural, I think, to imagine whether the great, soulful singers are delighted with their gift or whether it becomes just another thing after a while. Does someone that is really great looking stop to check themselves out in a mirror all the time? Is a teacher at Harvard secretly patting themselves on the back for being smarter than the vast majority of people? It would all feel like a bit of a shame if it works in any other way. 

GRITS.’ I won is the kind of tune sung by someone with such a nice, soulful, whispery voice that singing to themselves for comfort seems like the natural thing to do. And, comforting themselves seems like the appropriate action given the subject matter of the tune, a number about fooling oneself about the validity of one’s choices. If this sounds evocative, it is because this is what it aims to do. However, it takes that kind of vocal quality to really drill the point home. 

Three Legged Dog – Elvis

Genre: Surf Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Skeggs, Ocean alley, Bootleg rascal, Mako road, The Frights, Sticky fingers

Wise men say that music is a universal language. But, this is particularly true for pop music in its many variations. This is a testament to the power of this kind of songwriting as well as to the power of Western media to distribute one of its greatest exports. Your grandparents grew up on rock, and, likely, your grandchildren will be making it part of their education as well. This is just the way that it goes!

Therefore, with this in mind, regardless of the fact that rock bands aren’t selling records in the same way that they used to, big corporations are still interested in working with them. How could they not be? Great, famous groups, for example, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, are able to communicate a complex message with their audience with only a few minutes of work. This is truly an extraordinary commercial device. 

Three Legged Dog’s Elvis mines universal themes of loss and joy and offers them a universally-accepted coating of pop-rock rock. The tune is constructed around a pretty summer groove and an RHCP-like guitar track. You won’t need a second listen to know surely whether you enjoy this or you do not. However, if you are aching for the summer and all the spectacular things that it brings with it, you probably will. 

GRITS. - I Won


Three Legged Dog - Elvis




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