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Each unmarked square: Bradley Palermo and Sisteria review

Bradley Palermo and Sisteria review

Sisteria – Star Child

Genre: Classic Rock

Similar artists: All Them Witches, Jefferson Airplane, Black Mountain, Heart

The sound invented by what is not referred to as “classic rock” won the war. It is the canon, the golden standard, the one that new bands feel compelled to copy whenever they start their own careers. It is the sound that has come to define what rock music is perceived as throughout the world. 

But, it has done so at a price. The bands that created this sound had been infiltrated by all sorts of weirdos, would-be mystics, and charlatans. It was this energy that helped with the creativity that spills out of so many classic records. Where are the weirdos now though? Certainly not in rock bands it seems. 

But, there is hope. Sisteria’s Star Child doesn’t merely mimic the sounds of old, but also the strange, mystical atmosphere present in those recordings. This is witchy rock n’ roll. It is seemingly built from long meditations and strange potions that not even modern rock’s finest connoisseurs are likely to know. Sisteria know why 70s rock turned into “classic rock”. 

Bradley Palermo – Deadman

Genre: Punk

Similar artists: Desaparecidos, Cursive, Operation Ivy

The Age of Aquarius came and went. To the world of music, it brought some enlightenment and a lot of terribly looking clothes that nobody else will ever consider wearing again. The punk thought that they were going to destroy the world. And, their music sounded like it. The grunge kids knew that there was nothing left to do. And, they too acted like it. 

There is no way for artists to avoid writing about what they know best. Hell, even Hemingway gave this piece of advice to young artists. And, that drunken American surely knew how to pen a few lines. The point is that artists need to write about what they know and about the things that define their age. 

Bradley Palermo is no artsy-fartsy type. The man knows what he likes. Palermo knows what makes his heart sing. Violent wrestling. Deadman is a pean to his favorite WWE star, The Undertaker, and it couldn’t be more fitting. Where most songwriters struggle to find the words, the groove, the chords, Palermo shoots straight and doesn’t miss. It’s a lo-fi gem to something that defines our age. Fixed sports. 

Sisteria - Star Child


Bradley Palermo - Deadman




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