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Harmonizer: Easy Honey and The Brothers Good review

The Brothers Good – Microcosm

Genre: Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

In their earnest desire for change, The Brothers Good call upon the elements and all that’s holy.

Show me what you’re trying to save, and I will tell you who you are. Of course, the noticeable issue is that most people aren’t looking to save anything, just coast by through life using whatever resources they need to advance a few steps forward. Call it selfies, if you must.

This boils the blood of those hoping for a better tomorrow, each setting off on their own crusade to redeem the world. There are people hoping to save the world, others looking to rescue traditions, others looking to affect drug legislation. And, whether their effort was asked of or not, they are truly putting in a lot of work. 

The Brothers Good, an indie rock duo from the U.S., are hoping they can save the world from climate change. Highly dramatic and passionate indie-pop melodies, lyrics that seem to have been reassembled by an AI from the book of Revelations, and even a tinge of rap are their arsenal. The Brothers Good are building a religion one song at a time. 

Easy Honey – Gotta Get Back

Genre: Power Pop, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Oasis

Easy Honey shine a light on the hookiest section of their record collection with their single Gotta Get Back.

In the pop-rock world of old you either had tunes, or you tried to get by on personality. And, since you can’t just stop the show and have a half-hour monologue that reveals your opinions about the world, not unless you’re Axl Rose, this leaves bands scrambling for all sorts of gimmicks and tricks to get them noticed. 

The ones that really had the tunes didn’t have to bother with such things. All they needed was to sort out the lawyers of the people whose compositions shared a great deal of similarity with their own. A great hook doesn’t get reinterpreted, it gets thrown in the bag for safekeeping. It left people like Noel Gallagher or Evan Dando, fondly mentioned by Easy Honey, with plenty of time to try on sunglasses and experiment with haircuts. 

Easy Honey are inspired by sunglasses and haircuts. And, so they know they have to produce the great tunes that will allow them to enjoy those kinds of spoils. Gotta Get Back is confirmation of their potential. Beautiful melodies, a nice arrangement, a tune that, one day, might be sung a capella by thousands on demand, recommend them as a power-pop band you may want to keep tabs on. 

The Brothers Good - Microcosm


Easy Honey - Gotta Get Back




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