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Out ‘til dawn: Kevin Kennedy III and Lonely Spring | Alternative music review

Kevin Kennedy III and Lonely Spring

Lonely Spring – misfit

Similar artists: Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, MGK, Green Day

Genre: Pop Punk, Pop Rock

Pop punk is a lot like adventure novels. If you experience them at the right age, they could be life-changing. If you do not, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be unnecessarily critical of them. 

There’s a time for everything, as the prophet once claimed. And, to be honest with you, if you don’t use your opportunity to be reckless, hopeful, and free, you might not get it again. 

That’s the fuel on which you can run an entire life. Pop-punk can have that quality. It can do this when it’s well-designed. And it can do this when it’s earnest in its pursuit of fun and adventure. 

Lonely Spring’s misfit is music aimed at kids who are discovering rock. Great! They need something of their own. A revolution of their own. It’s a fun, catchy sound. And if it lands the way it should, it can change those kids’ futures for the better. 

Kevin Kennedy iii – Second Guessing (feat. Paper Animals)

Similar artists: blink 182, machine gun Kelly, new found glory

Genre: Pop Punk

Just because a style is part of popular culture, it doesn’t make it off-limits to serious artists. Comic book artists and Andy Warhol didn’t work within the most complex, most well-respected types of art forms. Their fans weren’t the most knowledgeable, either. 

Still, when the final word of history is written, they’ll get their just due. Not only that. They’ll likely end up being some of the richest modern artists. They will have been the artists who actually received financial support from fans. 

Potential fans, it turns out, aren’t usually enamored enough with a modern artist to help them out with cash. There are exceptions, however. Usually, the artist has to offer the prospective fan something that they already desire. Why not?

Kevin Kennedy III and Paper Animals approach Second Guessing as pop virtuosos trying their hand at something new. They paint outside of the lines. They throw in some entirely unexpected tricks. And they try to evolve the artistry involved in making pop-punk. The fact that this all can be very profitable, given pop-punk’s recent ascendence, is just a testament to a well-rounded strategy. 

Lonely Spring - misfit


Kevin Kennedy iii - Second Guessing




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